Banjoo | SEOUL

One of the first places we had lunch in Seoul was called Banjoo recommended to us by a lovely lady running a traditional tea house down the road and it was a great start to our trip as we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The village it is located in is fairly new in development and the local businesses are all run by young entrepreneurs, modernising the area and bringing in a fresh young generation.

Banjoo is a well lit, open restaurant which has been built in to a courtyard and looks makeshift which adds to the beauty of this place. With details from Ikea instantly recognisable, they have also built their own tiled tables which each hold a heated plate in the centre for their signature hot pot dishes.

Portions are very filling and generous, the chefs can be seen in the kitchen create the dishes from scratch with the best ingredients. The small but perfect menu of dishes can be ordered separately  but the set menu works out good value for money and a hugely popular choice amongst the locals. We couldn’t finish our hot pot in the end, it was the last dish and the previous dishes filled us up which was a shame, I would say that was the best dish in the house. They bring it out in a large sauce pan, press a few buttons, give you a few instructions and let it simmer on your table

COST:‎ ₩18,000 / £14 pp

LOCATION: Ichseon Village

DECOR: Rustic, shabby with modern touches


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