Dungaree Hack

When I shop for children’s clothing as like most parents I try and get something in a slightly bigger size. Especially for under 4 year olds they grow out of clothes so quick we are lucky if they get more than one or two wears. My youngest at 2 years has had mainly hand me downs (which are still brand spanking new) and has had very little wear from my eldest. I kept clothes organised in large vacuum bags labelled with a sharpie from 6 months age range to 3-4 year olds. It made life easier when the clothes transitioned from the eldest to the youngest. It also saved me a lot of money in needing new clothing, but with my shopping habits I have still ended up with more clothes in my children’s wardrobe than they need and it all needs reorganising again!

One the new purchases for the youngest was a pair of the cutest dungarees which I purchased with a matching cardigan, unfortunately it only got one wear because it got lost amongst all the kids clothes I’ve hoarded and by the time I remembered we had it she had grown out of it, it just looked too short on her. So instead of throwing it away or giving it to goodwill I decided to chop the legs of and turn it in to a romper. I didn’t use any special method in doing this and did it all freehand by eye and using my youngest as a live mannequin. (But obviously did’nt use the scissors on her whilst she was wearing it!)

If you have a sewing machine or good at hand stitching you can try this too. Always cut off a little longer than what you have measured to allow for the hem to be stitched. You will need a sharp pair of scissors and thats it! It is super easy.

The dungarees before they were hacked

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