Memories Captured | Festive Shoot

As I was telling a friend about our weekend plans of a photoshoot booked in the girls, she responded with a huge smile telling me how important it is to capture their memories whilst still so young. Having two girls herself a fair bit older than my two who are 4 and 6, I guess she was missing the younger stages of their childhood which flashes by what feels like in a second.

Our shoot was in North London with @beautyandthebaby_photography Anisha our photographer was able to fit us in at a very convenient time and day for us. The shoot went so smoothly that it only took 30 minutes to get the shots needed. All the props were set up already, the studio was clean and spacious. The kids had an amazing time and a great experience. 

The girls are wearing pink party dresses from HnM purchased in the Summer, worn with white tights which contrast very well with the backdrop when not wearing shoes in the studio.

The props used are all from the studio and are handcrafted which means your shoot will be unique to you and not look like the common high streets. We didn’t need to bring anything but ourselves. We didn’t have to wait long either for the final images and received them few days after the shoot. 

I can’t recommend them enough. Please check out their instagram page for more family shots taken leading up to the festive season or tap on image below.

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