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I often get asked about the supplements I take so I decided to do a breakdown of each one and why I take it.
A lot of us mums live busy lives where we neglect our bodies and our mental health and as much as we try to keep on top of things it is not always possible. After reading an article on supplements five years ago I decided to do my own research in to what I may need to support the short comings in my diet and to also facilitate the rehabilitation of my body from the trauma of having kids.

With the continued usage of supplements, I chop and change accordingly over time as my diet and life style has changed and therefore my needs.

Every morning after breakfast or with a snack just before noon I will take:

Alive High Potency Multivitamin
High potency because your body has a higher chance of absorbing the vitamins and minerals more successfully, not all of our bodies react the same. Multivits for me are taken as a top up on top of my diet which may lack a few nutrients from day to day.

Biokult Probiotics
The gut microbiome is very important for human health. A healthy gut plays a major part in having a healthy immune system and probiotics help support this. Getting the right kind is also very important as there are many products like yoghurts misleading consumers to think they are benefitting from them.
Probiotics have been found to enhance the innate immunity and modulate pathogen-inducing inflammation. I have noticed a substantial change in my health since taking these and my immune system is definitely a lot stronger. I have recently started a batch from a different brand in case my body builds a resistance but will revert back to Biokult.

They are also great for travel, you can up your dosage to protect yourself from a change of diet that your gut may not be familiar with in another country. I keep the children’s version handy as well.

Many of us suffer with hair loss after kids. I take Biotin to encourage the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails. I still do shed hair. Shedding hair is completely natural and biotin won’t stop the fall out but if you notice your hairline thinning, taking Biotin helps fast growth for hair that is fuller and thicker.
A simple biotin supplement will do the same job as all the other fancy ones you see on the market targeted as a beauty pill for skin and nails or gummy bear supplement to help with hair growth. These tablets are marketed in a such a way they make people feel they need to spend more money on something just to feel and look good. Ultimately a waste of money and unnecessary. Don’t be fooled.

I added this mineral to my diet after starting the Keto diet in the summer of 2019. Doing my own research I realised I would need this in order not to become magnesium deficient and to also prevent high blood pressure. Magnesium has many health benefit with links to helping depression, reducing heart disease and controlling blood sugar levels.

This superfood was added to my supplements after a neck injury which came about whilst travelling over a year ago in 2018. I had a spinal doctor, a physio therapist and treatment ranged from acupuncture to reformer Pilates all of which has helped and is ongoing but I still suffer with acute pain at times. The turmeric helps with inflammation which means less need for painkillers.
Side note, I have been told to avoid these if you have a scheduled operation or expecting a procedure which involves open wounds as this supplement does thin the blood.

And half an hour before bed:
Melatonin also known as Tryptophan has a sleep inducing effect which releases serotonin into your body to regulate sleep. This was a game changer for me as I would stress about having broken sleep through-out the night, knowing my health was suffering. Sleep is the most important factor to our mental and physical well -being and 8 hours a night of unbroken sleep means your body goes through the necessary process to repair itself and also prevents neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s.
Melatonin can be found in food but not always conveniently or in the higher doses we may need. Melatonin helped synchronise my sleep pattern and also regulate my hormones from any imbalances which can occur frequently after having new baby.

For more information on why sleep is so important please read ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker, international bestseller by a neuroscientist gives a science backed insight in to the significant importance sleep plays in our overall health and well-being. More important than diet and exercise. It will change the way you think and possibly your life.

If you are looking in to taking supplements which I haven’t listed here, I would recommend doing your own research. Some supplements need to absorbed with other minerals for it to react, other supplements are completely unnecessary

I hope for anyone reading this it has bought some insight in to what could be of help to mums, especially postpartum which is one of the toughest times as women we will experience. I am not a doctor or a health expert. My findings are based on my own research and my own experiences of how it has changed my health and made me feel. I have seen improvements over time and recommend everyone do their own research in to which supplements will benefit them in order to be the happiest and healthiest mums for their kids.

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