Simple Baking Activity with Mimi

Baking with your child is a great experience to share and an opportunity to build lots of happy memories with them. They also learn new skills and recognise the outcome of hard work. My toddler massively enjoys baking and unfortunately because of our second baby we don’t get to bake as much. But here is a simple recipe she baked with her nanny Sophie. She took direction well, made a mess but was extremely proud of her cakes that came out the oven.

Serves: 24

Bake Time: 17-20 min

Preheat Oven 190C

4 eggs

4 tbsp milk/almond milk

250g (8oz) soft unsalted butter

250g (8oz) coconut sugar

250g (8oz) self-raising flour

Pinch of salt


Start with the softened butter in a bowl and then mix in the sugar. Add rest of ingredients and mix well.

Line a muffin tray with paper cases and use an ice cream scoop to transfer mixture in to cupcake cases

-You can use coconut oil instead of butter for a healthier version I do bake with coconut oil but do add butter as well just not as much.

-We have replaced sugar in our house with organic coconut sugar and have never looked back.
How to get them involved:

It’s hard to let them enjoy this activity without your kitchen becoming a bomb site and then spending hours cleaning up after them. I tend to let my toddler help me in mixing the ingredients and then chuck her a bit of dough to play with alongside me. If it’s not dough I let her have a plastic jug for her to mix a few ingredients in to.

She also thrives of knowing she has her own baking utensils. I purchased hers from good old IKEA.

I also make sure she knows that it is her bakes (even though I or her nanny did all the hard bits) and that we will be saving some for her papi to try when he gets in.

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